What Does Bail and Probation Have In Common

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Sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to. For example, when you were first given probation rather than having to serve a prison sentence, you likely had every expectation that you would keep your head down and serve the probation period without incident. Yet, somewhere along the way, things went a little wrong. Now you’ve been arrested on unrelated charges. So now you’re trying to decide if a bail bond is an option when you’re arrested while on probation.

This isn’t a situation where there is a simple answer. The truth is that the bail offer and your ability to get a bail bond will depend on our exact circumstances.

While bail will likely be an option, the judge will likely use the fact that you were arrested while on probation as justification to set a significantly higher bail amount than they otherwise would. Once the bail amount has been set, you can contact Nashville  Bail Bonds and apply for a bail bond.

The situation becomes a great deal more difficult if you’re arrested while you’re serving felony probation. Under these circumstances, the judge is not required to grant bail. While instances of the judge giving bail to someone arrested while serving felony probation are rare, it can happen. If you want to be granted bail, you will need to work with a good defense lawyer who will provide a compelling argument about why bail should be granted while you await the outcome of a violation of probation hearing.

If you need a bail bond, your best course of action is to contact Nashville Bail Bonds. We have decades of experience under our belt.