Even People Who Can Afford Cash Bail Use Bail Bonds


Bail bonds are an alternative means to bailing out of jail, costing people 10% of the full bail amount. Understandably, this can be seen as a “poor man’s” option for bail because it is significantly “cheaper” and bail is always so expensive. But the truth of the matter is that literally, anyone can and does use bail bonds – even the wealthiest 1%.

Aside from the lowered cost, many people opt for the bail bond route because it’s more convenient for them. When paying cash bail, they need to pay the entire bail amount before the defendant can be released from jail. That’s challenging. But when using a bail bond, a payment system is set up so that the defendant can be released from jail, and then he or she (or those on his or her behalf) will continue to make payments on the bail bond.

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