Drunk Driving During the Thanksgiving Holiday

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There are certain days when the police become extremely concerned about drunk drivers. Thanksgiving is one such holiday. If you’re on the road during Thanksgiving weekend, don’t be surprised if you see more police patrolling the streets than what you would normally expect.

Why Police are Concerned about Drunk Driving in Tennessee During Thanksgiving

Tennessee patrol officers have plenty of good reasons to be out and about during Thanksgiving weekend. The main reason they’re going to be patrolling for drunk drivers is that history indicates that it’s a holiday when many drivers fail to hand over their keys after having one too many.

Statistics indicate that there is something about the long Thanksgiving weekend that encourages drivers to cut loose and drink more than they should, especially the night before Thanksgiving Day. According to data collected by Scram Systems, during a 5-year span, there have been about 800 drunk driving-related car accidents that took place on the night before Thanksgiving. One reason for the high number of accidents is because many people choose that night to hit the bars. Another reason is that there are more cars on the road. A higher number of drunk drivers combined with more people driving results in some nasty accidents.

Looking at the numbers it makes sense that additional police are assigned to patrol the streets the night before Thanksgiving.

Be Prepared to be Pulled Over on Thanksgiving

It’s unlikely that the police will be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt during the Thanksgiving holiday. If they see anything, such as briefly swerving in your lane or taking a turn too fast, that makes them even suspect you might be driving while under the influence, they will pull you over.

How to Avoid Spending Thanksgiving in Jail

If you’re arrested for drunk driving the night before Thanksgiving, you will likely spend the bulk of the holiday behind bars. Not only will the police refuse to release you until you’ve sobered up, finding the money to post your bail will be difficult.

Avoiding Thanksgiving Drunk Driving Charges

The best way to avoid spending the holiday in a jail cell is to plan ahead before going out.

If you plan on drinking, make sure you have a plan that allows you to get home without actually getting behind the wheel. This plan could include having a friend drive you, taking a cab, or hiring an Uber driver.

If you do go out and drink more than you should, call someone for a ride. Don’t assume that you’re okay to drive home.

Don’t assume that you can wait in your car until you sober up. If a police officer sees you get into your car while you’re drunk, they can still arrest you for “intending to drive while drunk.” They can charge you with this even if you don’t move your car.

The best way to enjoy Thanksgiving is by using good judgment, monitoring the amount of alcohol you consume, and committing to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.

Happy Thanksgiving!