Nashville Bail Bonds Offer an Affordable Way to Bail You

No one ever anticipates needing to help bail a loved one (or themselves!) out of jail so you certainly shouldn’t be expected to know how you’re going to pay for bail immediately. 

Nashville Bail Bonds wants to help you. We offer an optional way of paying for bail: instead of paying court 100% of the bail amount in one immediate payment, you can opt to pay 10% of it for what is called a bail bond. Plus, we’ll help you explore the most affordable way of paying off this 10% over a period of months so you don’t have to pay for it all at once.

No, this is not a scam, but the catch is: if you pay 100% to the court, that entire amount is eligible to be refunded as long as the defendant complies to his or her release terms. The 10% bail bond is not refundable. Here is a closer look at how Nashville Bail Bonds can help you:

We have helped thousands of families in similar situations over our 27 years of industry experience and each time, the family is very grateful to have found us. Visit us online at if you want some proven excellence through client testimonials or give us a call at 615-806-6808 to learn more and get started! We’re here to help you!