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Going to court due to an arrest can be costly, but posting bail doesn’t have to be. At Nashville Bail Bonds, we make posting bail easy and affordable for all of our clients to post bail. We offer our clients affordable and flexible payment plans and we will work with you to create a payment plan that works for you, so you can bail out your loved one quickly.

Our experts will work with you directly to provide a range of solutions. You won’t provide any money out of pocket with options such as:

Don’t let this mishap tear your family apart. It should actually draw you all closer together, and if we can help with that, we will be honored. You can trust us to help save your family, simply pick up the phone and call us now.

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How Much Will a Tennessee Bail Bond Cost Me

Getting arrested is shockingly expensive. Granted, the actual act is free, but as soon as you hear that cell door close, you will suddenly realize that as long as you’re locked up, you won’t be able to work, yet all of your monthly bills will quickly pile up. On top of that, now you have to worry about court fees and lawyer expenses.

The cost of getting arrested will really hit you when you go to the arraignment and learn how much bail the judge thinks you should pay. The idea behind bail is that you won’t have to sit in jail while you wait for the Tennessee judicial system to get to your case, but when you’re talking a bail of several thousand dollars, you can’t afford to get out.

The good news is that Nashville Bail Bonds is right here. We’re ready and willing to help you out. One of the first things we get asked is how much does a Tennessee bail bond cost. The answer is that the amount of money you’ll spend on the bail bond depends on how high the judge sets your bail during the arraignment. We charge a fee that’s 10% of the bail bond you require. That means that if you need a $5,000 bail bond, we’ll charge you $500.

Suddenly getting out of jail seems more feasible. We can make things even easier.

We have a zero-down, flexible payment plan that you’re going to love. We’ll work closely with you to customize a plan that works for everyone. In addition to being zero-down, the payment plan is also zero-interest, which means that even if you take advantage of the payment plan, you’ll still pay only 10% of the bail bond.

To learn more, call us now for a free consultation. Both phone and internet consultations are 100% free! You won’t believe how much better you feel once you know that Nashville Bail Bonds is in your corner. We want to help get you out of jail and reunited with your loved ones as quickly as possible.

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