Can Bail Be Denied in Tennessee?

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The Eighth Amendment prevents judges from getting too crazy when they set bail. If pressured, they have to provide legitimate reasons for why they set a high bail. What some people don’t realize is that the judge isn’t obligated to set bail at all.

If your lawyer fails to provide a compelling case as to why you should be released on bail and you’re facing serious criminal charges, it’s possible that the judge will decide to refuse to provide you with the option of posting bail. They are legally allowed to make this decision.

The good news is that most judges don’t like to deny bail. They may set a really high bail, but they rarely refuse you the option of posting bail. In rare cases, a judge does deny bail, and they usually have a really good reason for doing so. Some reasons to deny bail include the following:

  • There is reason to believe you’re a flight risk.
  • There’s reason to believe additional charges are about to be filed against you.
  • Your criminal history

The good news is that you are allowed to appeal a bail denial. Appealing bail usually requires you to go to a higher court than the one that set your bail. In many cases, this means additional legal expenses and takes from resources that could be dedicated to avoiding a conviction. It’s up to you to decide if appealing your bail is a worthwhile use of your legal resources.

While we can’t help you appeal a bail denial, we’re ready and willing to help you out once bail is granted. No matter how high or low the bail is, we have the resources needed to get you out of jail. In exchange for a fee that adds up to 10% of the required bail, we’ll post a bail bond, and you’ll be released.

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