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Tennessee’s Attitude Towards Leashes and Dogs


The issue of leashes is a sensitive subject for many dog owners. Some feel that if their dog is well trained, they shouldn’t be required to keep their dog on a leash. Others feel that whenever a dog isn’t on the owner’s private property, the animal should be leashed. The State of Tennessee doesn’t have […]

Being a Good Friend Could Mean Getting Tossed in Jail


We’re supposed to help out friends and loved ones when they’re in trouble. It’s one of those rules that we learn before we’re even in kindergarten. No matter what they do, we’re supposed to have their back. But there’s a dark side to helping out loved ones when they’re in trouble that no one talks […]

What Age Can You Leave Your Child Alone


  Every parent has been there. They need to quickly run into town for something such as a gallon of milk, an emergency dental appointment, or to pick up something from work. You don’t want to bring your child with you, but you’re not sure if you’re legally allowed to leave them at home. Tennessee’s […]